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REACHur Team Review: Tribucha Kombucha

We're keeping it local once again and trying out Tribucha Kombucha out of Cary, NC. We obviously love that they're local but we were really pulled in by the can. The designs are so intricate and eye catching there was no way for us not to give it a try.

We decided to try Controlled Burn and Flowers of Life. We picked up our cans at the local Lowe's Food in Cary and they were $2.99 per can. The first thing you noticed is how there are so few ingredients and all of the ingredients and recognizable. Another cool aspect is that all of their drinks are 100% Craft Brewed!

Controlled Burn

Controlled Burn has ginger, cayenne and turmeric. It was delicious, the taste is very strong, but not overpowering at all. You can tell the ingredients have been carefully selected and our fresh, right when you take the first sip. Everything about the drink was super refreshing and makes you feel good. One thing I've noticed with other kombucha's is a strong aftertaste, with Controlled Burn there is none of that. This is a perfect pick me up to help you get through the day!

Flowers of Life

Flowers of life has hibiscus, rose and honeysuckle. This was the clear favorite. Controlled Burn was great but Flowers of Life was perfect. It was such a unique and refreshing flavor, with almost no aftertaste. There was almost no acidic taste at all, the flavors shine through and make this a great drink. This is perfect for relaxing by the pool, and just being out in the sun!

Both flavors were delicious and we can't wait to try the rest of Tribucha's flavors! To learn more about Tribucha go to or follow them @tribucha.


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