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Saturday Spotlight: Peak City CBD

This week's Saturday Spotlight is on Matt Weschler of Peak City CBD. Peak City CBD is a family owned business right down the road from us in Apex, NC!


Just give us a little info about yourself pre- Peak City CBD.  

I’m an organic chemist by training, studied at The Florida State University.  I have been selling and marketing electron and ion microscopes for the last 20 years.  I decided I wanted to get into something different, so we started Peak City CBD!  It is my wife and I, all family owned small business, all organic and made in the USA.

Why did you decide to start Peak City CBD?

I was interested in the stories of people having success from CBD.  It was intriguing.  A good friend of mine started growing hemp, so it was a perfect way to get a quality biomass from a trusted source.  A lot of people in the industry are worried about where the hemp comes from etc.  It was a perfect match.  I bought a bunch of equipment and I use supercritical CO2 extraction (the best and cleanest way) to make CBD products from the hemp.

What makes Peak City CBD different then your competitors?

We’ve got a few things that give us an edge.  1. I’m a chemist and I know what I am doing, many companies don’t.  2. We use CO2 extraction, which is clean and pure – the stuff you put into your body needs to be able to be trusted.  3. We add back in the terpenes into the mix, which means it has all the benefits of the whole plant.  The terps are sensitive, and a lot of places just let them evaporate or throw them out.  Terps are important for the efficacy of CBD.  4. We are all locally and organically grown, and locally and organically processed (we use organic carrier oil etc.).

What are your thoughts on the CBD industry right now? Are there any "myths" you'd like to clear up?

Not all CBD is created equal!  A consumer must do the research and pick a brand that is trustworthy and has testing data on their site published etc. (we do)…. And, they should support the local economy and buy from us because we do it all here in the Triangle.


Matt also said that education is really important for Peak City CBD, if you want to learn more about Peak City CBD or just about CBD in general, go to

Peak City CBD is a high quality, local business that is truly trying to have a positive impact on this world. Give them a follow @PeakCityCBD and check out their products.

We really enjoyed getting to know more about Peak City CBD and are excited to see the growth of this local business!


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