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Sunday Spotlight: Town Hall Burger and Beer

This Sunday Spotlight is on Town Hall Burger and Beer, coming to Holly Springs, NC in the late summer. Town Hall Burger and Beer already has two locations, one in Durham and one in Briar Chapel.

We asked a few questions to David Sadeghi, owner of Town Hall Burger and Beer.

What about Holly Springs attracted Town Hall Burger and Beer?

We only select locations in neighborhood ,where we can be part of fabric of their life. We've seen the growth and number of roof tops in the area and believe we can be a good addition to the community life experience.

What's your most popular burger?

Carolina and California burgers.

Which local beers will be on the menu?

We will have over 20 tap handle, and will use 12 of them for local, Carolina brewers ,they change weekly.

Anything else you'd like to say about Town Hall Burger and Beer?

We look forward to open our Town Hall Burger& Beer at HS , and create a new starting job market for young adults who live there , and become part of local dinning rotation.


We are truly excited for Town Hall Burger and Beer to open up in Holly Springs and can't wait to try out the Carolina Burger. This local spot highlights local beers and that's something we can support!

We'll update everyone once Town Hall releases the official opening date, you can bet we'll be there!


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