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Should I Advertise on Instagram or Twitter?

By now, every business knows the need for social media. This is a way for businesses to reach maximum amount of customers for minimum amount of dollars. REACHur is the easiest way and most effective way to advertise through social media sites. You can pay directly for engagements rather than paying to run an advertisement and wondering if anyone will click.

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Interesting pictures do better on Instagram than Twitter.

Honestly, your business should be on both Instagram and Twitter. Businesses who will have better pictures, such as restaurants, bars, clothing brands and retailers will do better on Instagram. Posting these high quality, interesting pictures will garner engagement from recurring customers and new customers.

Businesses that do not have interesting pictures, such as software companies, blogs or moving companies are better suited to advertise on twitter. Posting descriptions of your services or stories about your company will help these businesses gain engagements from customers and fans.

No matter where you decide to advertise going through REACHur is the best option. Through REACHur you can have local social media users in your target market post about your company and reach all of their followers "organically".


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