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Social Media Doesn't Have to be so Complicated

Growing a social media following for your local business can seem like a daunting task. It is so hard to gain followers when you start off with 0 and it's always a task to figure out what to post. Hiring a social media marketing firm can be very expensive, the most effective and most cost efficient option is REACHur.

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Social media does not have to be difficult, use REACHur and watch the customers roll in.

REACHur pays local social media users to post on behalf of local businesses. Your business can have individuals in your specific target market post on their personal social media accounts about your business. This not only exposes you to every REACHur user in your target market but also to all of their social media followers.

REACHur is a highly effective tool for improving your social media and bringing new customers in the door. REACHur can be used to promote anything, the platform works especially well for local restaurants/bars and local retailers. To learn more go to or email


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