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Which Influencer Fits Your Business?

At this point influencer marketing has become so popular, the FTC had to take action to ensure these relationships were being disclosed. The FTC has required influencers disclose toothier following when they are paid for a post. Acceptable ways to alert followers of this include #ad #sponsoredpost or #sp.

With social media influencers garnering more attention, this has to led to an uptick in their booking fees. According to Sprout Social, the average cost of an influencer for one post is $271. The average cost for a post from an influencer with 100,000-500,000 followers is $500 and influencers with over 500,000 followers earn on average $1,000-5,000 per post.

With astronomical costs like this it is not viable for small business to use these macro influencers. Small businesses do have the option to turn to local atomic influencers to reach their specific target market. Atomic influencers provide a much higher value to small businesses than macro or micro influencers.

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Macro influencer's work for larger businesses while atomic influencers are more viable for small businesses.


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