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Social Media Tactics for Local Business

Local businesses have to take advantage of their social media to compete with larger companies. Connecting with customers through social media is key to increase your brand awareness and stay ahead of the game.

One easy way to reach customers is through custom giveaways. Followers can enter the contest by reposting your post and tagging three friends. This puts your page in front of significantly more people and increases your credibility.

Another tactic is to follow other local businesses. Creating relationships with other local businesses can be very beneficial to creating customers. Doing a collaboration with another business will bring both of your customer base's together and increase your exposure.

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REACHur is an easy way to gain exposure for your local business and bring in new customers.

Lastly, REACHur is an effective way for local businesses to use influencer marketing. REACHur connects local businesses and local social media users. These users will post about your business and reach their following. You can target these campaigns to specific demographics in your area to directly reach your target market as well. To learn more go to or email

Social media is key to any business but especially local business, these three tactics will help you increase your market share and muscle out the competition.


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