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The Dog House: Case Study

The Dog House of Greenville, NC is a hot new hot dog spot in Eastern NC. East Carolina University, better known as ECU, is just 5 minutes from The Dog House so gaining the stamp of approval from college students is essential to any new business. We only work with high quality businesses and The Dog House definitely fits the mold. With so many businesses competing for the attention of ECU students, The Dog House needed a way for their Grand Opening to stand out and turned to REACHur.

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Best hot dogs in Eastern, NC? There's no doubt about it!

We decided that 10 stories from ECU students would do the trick in helping The Dog House cut through the noise. We tasked 10 of our best ECU local influencers with posting an Instagram story about the Grand Opening of The Dog House. We reached a total of 3,913 highly targeted accounts, resulting in an average cost per view of $0.026. The industry average is $0.07-0.09!

We knew that college students listen to their peers and classmates, not ads. ECU students saw their friends posting about The Dog House's Grand Opening and knew that it was the place to be. The Dog House of course lived up to expectations and hosted an awesome Grand Opening that not only generated buzz around their business but helped out The Children's Hospital by donating 100% of proceeds!

To view the stories that our users posted for The Dog House and see a few additional statistics, check out


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