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Top 3 Ways to Use REACHur

REACHur is a platform that provides an ethical alternative to Facebook/Instagram advertising, by having people in a business's target market post the business's ads on their stories. This provides businesses with a way to avoid using the unethical targeting practices associated with Facebook/Instagram advertising, while also keeping advertising dollars local in the hands of their target market.

REACHur can work in any situation that Facebook/Instagram advertising does, but here are the 3 best ways to use REACHur.

Advertising To Students

REACHur allows businesses to target their ads towards students of a specific school. For example. if you want to target NC State students, you can have NC State students post your ads on their stories.

This can be used to promote a special student discount, an upcoming event or just to generate buzz for your business. Targeting by school is available for colleges and high schools.

Reaching a Specific Interest Group

Want to target Foodies? Moms? Health conscious millennials? Then REACHur is for you.

With REACHur you are able to have people from these specific groups post your ads on their Instagram stories. Foodies follow other foodies, moms follow other moms, health conscious millennials follow other health conscious millennials, when you have someone from a specific group post it will reach people in that same group.

Turning Followers Into Customers

Nothing will turn a long time follower into a customer quicker than seeing their friend post about your business. REACHur helps businesses increase their social proof by having real people post.

Sometimes all it takes to turn a follower into a customer is a little reminder from one of their friends. REACHur is the perfect way to give this nudge.


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