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Use Atomic Influencers to Improve Marketing

Everyone knows, it does not matter how good your product is, if no one knows about it it does not matter. This can go for everything from drop shipping pet supplies to running a local restaurant. Every company needs to get their product to the public somehow and using influencers seems to be the new big thing.

Using the celebrity influencers of the world is not an option for smaller and local businesses, but atomic influencers are readily available. Atomic influencers are local social media users that have an interactive following.

Atomic influencers are more effective for local businesses because they are more cost effective and offer a more targeted reach. People tend to trust their friends and family more than celebrities and the same goes for social media. Users trust those they know and follow more than those they do not.

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REACHur allows local businesses to take advantage of influencer marketing.

REACHur is an easy way to start an atomic influencer campaign. Using REACHur you can have social media users in your chosen target market either, tweet, retweet, post on instagram or post an instagram story for your business.

Using REACHur, you can improve your brand awareness, gain valuable social media followers and get more people in the door.


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