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What are the First Steps to Become and Influencer?

Becoming an influencers can seem like a daunting task. Having to grow your social media, constantly updating and then just hoping business reach out to you to promote for them. There is just one simple step to becoming an influencer today.

Join REACHur

REACHur is a platform that pays local social media users to post for local businesses. It really is that simple. REACHur will notify you when a campaign is ready, you then post what REACHur tells you and you get paid.

REACHur is not only an easy way to make money by posting on social media but also allows you to create meaningful relationships with local businesses and your followers. This puts you in a position to grow your following and build your relationship with businesses looking for influencers.

Join today at or email

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Get paid to post and start your influencer career today with REACHur.


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