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What is a REACHur?

A REACHur is defined as a social media user that is paid to interact with local small businesses, there are no follower limits. If you read our last post about atomic influencers they are similar with one major difference. REACHurs are atomic influencers that use the REACHur website/app to perform their sponsored posts.

REACHur is a tool for atomic influencers. REACHur allows atomic influencers to group themselves together by different demographics and gain more work. REACHur is a place where local businesses can find atomic influencers and pay them for their reach.

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Becoming a REACHur is almost as easy as making money being a REACHur!

Being a REACHur is as simple as signing up for our app and entering your demographics. Once you match with a campaign, you complete your campaign action which may be, a tweet, retweet, instagram post or instagram story. Once the action is complete you are paid.

Becoming a REACHur is an easy way to make money off your social media influence whether you have a one hundred million followers or one hundred.


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