What is REACHur?

REACHur is a platform that connects local businesses and local social media users, helping the businesses grow and paying local social media users. REACHur takes influencer marketing and boils it down to the local level to become more cost efficient and have more of an impact.

Local businesses decide their target market, let's say 18-24 year olds in Rocky Mount. They then decide which type of campaign to run, the choices are- Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Tweets and Retweets. Next, they decide how many people they want to post for them and what they want posted. They then submit the campaign.

A notification is then sent to every REACHur user, that fits the target market, telling them a campaign is available. The REACHur user will complete the campaign action- Instagram post, Instagram story, Tweet or Retweet. Then they are paid.

REACHur campaigns allow local businesses to reach

1. Every person in their target market that is signed up for REACHur

2. Every person who follows the REACHur users that post for the campaign

REACHur campaigns allow local social media user to

1. Get paid for posting on social media

2. See exclusive deals in their area

REACHur, 2020


Raleigh, North Carolina

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