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Why REACHur?

REACHur is a platform that connects local businesses and local social media users, helping the businesses grow and paying local social media users. REACHur takes influencer marketing and boils it down to the local level to become more cost efficient and have more of an impact.

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REACHur helps create a sense of community with your business.

Cost Efficient

REACHur provides the most bang for your buck of any influencer marketing. $100 could get you 10 Instagram stories from your target market! REACHur is more efficient than advertising directly on Instagram and Twitter in both cost and conversion rates.

Conversion Rates

REACHur also has more of an impact on the consumer than an advertisement from other platforms. REACHur is viewed as "word of mouth" rather than direct advertisement from the business itself. This means more attention will be paid to your REACHur campaign and better conversion rates.

Builds Relationships

REACHur builds a community-like feel around your business. When having local social media users post about your business, it makes the local social media community accept your business as part of their fellowship. This results in not only more followers and likes but also more new customers and creates repeating customers.


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