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You're More Influential Than Celebrities

Yea, you read that right. Celebrities may have more followers and more of a reach, but everyday people's words mean more. Celebrities have been pushing products through social media without actually engaging, and don't even get me started on influencers. The fake followers, fake engagements and fake pictures, I don't know how anyone would listen to them.

Influencer marketing goes through local people now. No one wants some celebrity with 2 million followers and their own social media manager to tell them about the cool new vegan muffin shop in town. They want people who are trustworthy to tell them about it.

People listen to friends, not ads.

People listen to friends, not ads.

That's not a typo. I meant to put it twice. Think about it, how many different ads do you see per day. You're watching t.v. and Jane's Car Dealership is telling you that they have the best deals, you're scrolling through Instagram and Joe's Pizza Shack says they have the best pizza in town. Wait. That doesn't make sense because you just saw Bob's Pizza saying they were the best on Facebook?

The point is that no one pays attention to businesses pushing themselves through advertising anymore. It's getting old.

T.V. commercials get zoned out in favor of scrolling through Twitter. Twitter ads are scrolled right past, no one watches Instagram video ads and if you're still advertising through Facebook... you know what I don't even have to go any further with that one it's 2019.

So if celebrities aren't genuine anymore, global influencers aren't trustworthy and ads directly from businesses just get ignored, then what's left?


Local Influencers.

Local influencers are just normal social media users like you and me. Local influencers still have the trust of their followers, their followers are highly engaged and listen to what they have to say.

Like I said before, people listen to friends, not ads.

Using local influencers for marketing is simple. You find the influencers, you tell them what to post and you provide compensation. Since local influencers aren't celebrities, they are much easier to work with and less expensive. On local influencer posts cost less than $10.

For your local influencer campaigns to be effective though, you need to determine your target market and what your goal for the campaign is. Your target market can be as general as people in Raleigh, NC or as specific as 16-26 year olds, who are interested in basketball, that live in Raleigh, NC. You just need to figure out who needs what you provide.

Then determine your goal. Do you want more sales? Do you want to generate brand awareness? Promote an upcoming event? Once you determine your goal for the campaign you can craft the content.

Your content needs to be specific to your goal. If you want more sales, have your influencers post about an upcoming deal. If you want to generate brand awareness, have your influencers post about the features of your product/service. If you're promoting an upcoming event, have your influencers post details about the event.

Once the local influencers post, you have to remember to continue to engage with new followers and anyone who comments or likes your pictures.

Stop throwing your money away with ineffective marketing and switch to local influencers. Remember, people listen to friends, not ads.

If you want to be a local influencer or start a local influencer campaign go to


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